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A comprehensive package designed for institutional investors

CACEIS handles accounting and NAV calculation for Institutional clients such as Insurance companies (Life & non-Life, general account assets directly-owned or via mandates, dedicated funds, ring-fenced funds) and Banks (prop trading).

This service is currently used for over 500 portfolios and some €600bn in assets.

In Luxembourg, CACEIS provides administration and accounting services for accounts / portfolios. CACEIS manages dedicated accounting plans and updates clients’ general accounting systems.

For French insurers, CACEIS proposes valuation services in line with the principles of Euro-Croissance contracts.

«CACEIS can respond to even the most challenging needs of institutional clients»

Florence Boix - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Portfolio accounting and valuation in local GAAP

    A core service of CACEIS for institutional investors.

    The accounting of your portfolios is handled by the most advanced systems and processes to ensure the highest level of reliability.

    You can rely on the resulting valuation of your portfolio in order to take your strategic decisions.

  • Portfolio accounting and valuation in local GAAP and IFRS

    This service covers the production of statutory financial reporting for institutional clients who have outsourced their accounting to CACEIS, according the locally required accounting standards, such as French GAAP, German GAAP, Swiss GAAP, IFRS, Basel III for banks.