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Digitising the client experience: contracts can now be signed electronically

09/21/2021Topics:  Tag CACEIS CACEIS News Tag CACEIS TEEPI

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Several CACEIS entities are currently using electronic signatures for their contracts which will be gradually rolled out across the entire Group.

CACEIS clients in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany can now sign contracts via the DocuSign platform. DocuSign is a trusted partner approved by the Crédit Agricole Group and meets the requirements of Europe’s eIDAS Regulation (electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services).

Following its successful trial, the use of electronic signatures will be extended to other jurisdictions where CACEIS operates in order to provide service consistency for our clients worldwide.

Tania Deltchev - Head of Legal, CACEIS FranceCACEIS’ Legal Department in France spearheaded the project on behalf of all Group entities, working closely with IT, sales and the 3D teams.

In order to ensure our clients have a level of security equivalent to that of a handwritten signature, we opted for an ‘advanced’ electronic signature. This guarantees the integrity of the document and authenticates the signatories using an SMS code sent via the DocuSign platform at the time of signing. Once the document has been signed, the signatory receives a certificate of completion which has probative value in EU courts,” explained Tania Deltchev, Head of Legal (France) at CACEIS.

Electronic signatures offer many advantages both for CACEIS and our clients:

  • A reduction in signature turnaround times through the use of notifications, which enables service provision to start earlier.
  • Improved monitoring of the signature cycle: each signatory is kept informed at each stage of the signature process.
  • Simplified archiving.
  • A reduced carbon footprint (less paper used).

Our new digital service enables sales and legal teams to provide the services we offer within the shortest timeframe possible, and with the required level of legal protection, helping us to support our clients in tackling their development challenges,” says Tania Deltchev.

This new digital contract signing process joins the existing range of electronic signature solutions implemented in the CACEIS Group, all of which are backed by DocuSign, offering the same level of security and traceability:

  • TEEPI Market Place, which now enables investor clients to electronically sign their subscription forms;
  • the E-sign portal enables clients to sign documentation related to activities entrusted to CACEIS such as pricing policies, service level agreements, invoices and tax documentation.