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An API Store to help clients make better use of data

09/27/2021Topic:  Tag CACEIS CACEIS News

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As part of our digital transformation plan, CACEIS is setting up an API (Application Programming Interface) portal for clients. The aim is to help users navigate CACEIS’ rapidly developing API catalogue so as to benefit from increased autonomy and efficiency.

Data management is a tried-and-tested centralised industrial process at CACEIS: our group collects and processes thousands of operational data points from the IT platforms. Its goal is to display, then quickly and easily provide this data to clients, and the most effective way of doing this is through the widespread integration of APIs. These applications make interfaces with our clients’ IT systems both seamless and more secure.

The API portal will soon be accessible from the CACEIS website via a link in the Client Access menu. It will provide simple and secure access to APIs for CACEIS’ Middle Office service. Details of this catalogue are shown based on a secure ID card system. This gives users a clear overview before studying each API in more detail.

API Portal

As with any portal, the catalogue displays the list of APIs and provides access to an operational description as well as sample use cases. It also offers more technical information such as the API version, call method, content list and formats.

Sabine Iacono - Group Digital Transformation ManagerAnyone can view the catalogue and API details, even without a client account. However, to be able to use and test an API with the data viewer feature (e.g. for calling the API and collecting data), users will need to have a client account and log in. They will then have access to the necessary data. This process ensures security around APIs use. Access to the various data ranges is administered in the same way as for our OLIS client portal.

“We have also set up a feature allowing clients to benefit from the power and potential of APIs without having to go through a mandatory login process. Once the initial setup is complete and users are familiar with the APIs, they can use them directly by simply calling the API and re-entering security details. They will no longer need to go through the API portal” explains Sabine Iacono, Group Digital Transformation Manager at CACEIS.

The catalogue will soon be broadened with APIs that include data currently accessible through the OLIS portal. The second set will concern APIs relating to Custody, including those for settlement, monitoring of settlement/delivery transaction status, and for viewing corporate action activity.

“We are continuing to work together towards a more comprehensive catalogue, our aim being to provide a range representing the most useful APIs for each CACEIS service. It will then be possible to have very quick, direct and independent access to the essential data as well as turnkey services. This will place us firmly in the open banking and data sharing era, while maintaining maximum security”, Sabine concludes.